Centrale Fies is located in a 1911 Hapsburg hydroelectric centre, still partially active and under the aegis of the Hydro Dolomiti Energia. It lies between the Sarca and the Marocche rivers, a majestic postglacial landslide, in the heart of the Valle dei Laghi in Trentino. In 1999, the Cooperativa Il Gaviale obtained a form of loan for use from ENEL, and the permission to organise festivals and cultural events under the name “CENTRALE FIES”. Over the years, the type of agreement, and the cultural projects and production processes, evolved into a place permanently dedicated to the arts and creativity, hosting artists in residence from all over the world.
The method of restoration, enhancing the original structure with the architect Sergio Dellanna, makes it today one of the most virtuous and effective examples of reuse of industrial archaeology in Italy.

The original
Galleria Trasformatori is now a space for exhibitions and public events such as meetings, workshops and presentations. The Turbine Hall has been transformed into a large theatre, divisible into two rooms of 200 seats each. Similarly, the Forge, Control and Crescent rooms are rehearsal rooms and spaces for the public presentation of performances. Within the structure today there are also guest rooms equipped for winter residencies, while the spring and summer residencies are located in the former workers’ housing, in immediate proximity to the centre.
Every space therefore has a new function that maintains a strong link with its origins, and with the forest and the mountains that stand majestically beyond the river.

However, we wanted to preserve the “spirit of the place” and the magic produced on first impact by the gigantic cathedral emptied of machines, admiring the expressive ribbed concrete slabs with the large holes, the squared windows, the stone stairs in the tower, the steel trusses, the bridge cranes with the winches still working. (Sergio Dellanna).

Centrale Fies is not a neutral space, it is a space that participates in the creativity of those who come to develop a piece of their own work here.
It imposes the character of its spaces on any pre-design with insistence and seduction, subverting the starting positions and opening the performative actions to further interpretations.

Centrale Fies offers spaces to host external manifestations such as exhibitions, location shooting, conventions and workshops, and places its resources for management and organisational collaboration at the disposal of the event guests.


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