Perform! con Valeria Marchi, Leggimi con Camilla Monga, Désir Mimétique con Jacopo Jenna e Ramona Caia

Désir Mimétique con Jacopo Jenna e Ramona Caia, Perform! con Valeria Marchi

Aggiungere e togliere uno zero con OHT, Storie di eventi e di abitanti con Mali Weil, Postcards from Fies (*) con Sotterraneo, Ascolto e invento Dro con Portobeseno

(*) Project realized within the framework of APAP - Performing Europe 2020, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Perform! con Hannes Egger e Valeria Marchi, Ich Du Wir (Io Te Noi) (*) con Michicazu Matsune e Pablo Chiereghin

(*) Project realized within the framework of APAP - Performing Europe 2020, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

La fondazione dello stupore a cura di Denis Isaia

Enfant Terrible is an annual format dedicated to primary school students in the region, with the objective of cultivating tomorrow’s audience. Curators, teachers, visual and performing artists, creatives (architects, illustrators, photographers, etc.) guide the children each year in a series of practical paths for approaching and discovering the languages ​​of contemporary art and interpreting artistic research.

The format was created with the precise intention of placing artists (including those who have no structured activities in the field of education) and children into direct contact with each other, avoiding predictable results and trusting in the ability of the artists and students to build a common ground together on which to meet, communicate and surprise each other.

From 2010 to now, many artists, curators and practitioners have opened their experience and research to kids: Teatro Sotterraneo, Denis Isaia, Mara Cassiani, Anna Deflorian, OHT, Michikazu Matsune e Pablo Chiereghin, Paola Villani e Pathosformel, Mali Weil, Studio Mi9, Hannes Egger, Anagoor, Marco D'Agostin, Alessandro Sala, Portobeseno.

In 2017 the format proposed Perform!, a team game created by artist Hannes Egger, in which children challenge each other with re-enactments of several historical performances. From Yoko Ono to Jiri Kovanda, from Marina Abramovic and Alighiero Boetti, the young participants stage the scenes, gaining awareness of the expressive potential of the body as an instrument of symbolic communication, of the rules and syntax of the performative language. Only at the end, through video content and images, the children discover the original works and the meaning of the actions they perform.

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