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FIES FACTORY was created in 2007 as the first incubator for Italian artists under 30: a space for the development of live art and new strategies for encounters between young professionals and artists, structured so that market forces won’t suffocate creative efforts.

The first selection of artists took place in 2007, starting from the role that Central Fies has always played, observing new generations and new languages: five young heterogeneous companions, visual artists and theatrical collectives, found expressive modes, dramaturgy, aesthetics, codes of movement and modes of research, that differed from the context of origin. What they all had in common was a strong intellectual honesty and, despite their young age, an already structured research method.

Launched thanks to the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and winner of the Nuove Creatività dell’Eti grant and the UBU prize for theatre, the project emerged as a true forge: the artists of the Factory (Dewey Dell, Sotterraneo, Anagoor, Francesca Grilli, Codice Ivan, Marta Cuscunà, Pathosformel) were described by the press as “generation T, a new generation, awaited on the national scene for twenty years”. In the same years, a group from the Factory won important prizes and recognition, arriving at the Padiglione Italia of the Biennale Arte di Venezia (Francesca Grilli in 2013) and winning the Silver Lion at the Biennale Teatro (Anagoor, 2018).

Teatro Sotterraneo ph DIANE Ilaria Scarpa | Luca Telleschi per Santarcangelo Festival
Anagoor "Socrate il Sopravvissuto" ph Giulio Favotto

The project, still active today, continues to sustain several of the artists via an innovative management and organization model, above all due to the work methods proposed within an immersive environment, where the creative and human dimensions have revealed how they can amplify artistic potential.

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