IL GIRO DEL MONDO CON PARTENZA DA FERMO (Movimento con passo falso) 1985-2018

On the occasion of his anthological exhibition at Centrale Fies, Giovanni Morbin (Valdagno, 1956) decides to launch once again the big endeavor he firstly attempted in 1985.
That year Giovanni Morbin, a young and revolutionary student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, major in painting, chose to free himself of his arms to underline his decision to quit painting. He then sent to two random addresses, one to the East and one to the West of his city, a photo of his left arm and a photo of the right arm, respectively. The packages included an invitation to the unknowing addressees to go ahead and complete, ideally, a planetary embrace.
In 2018 the feat starts from the performing arts center of Dro, Trentino, waiting for the arms to be returned to the artist.

If by chance the package with the arm of Giovanni Morbin has arrived to you, please write to armsworldtour18@gmail.com, so we could trace this planetary embrace!

See the pictures of the day that Giovanni Morbin's arms departed from Centrale Fies for their trip around the world

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