17 July - 8 August 2020

curated by Simone Frangi and Denis Isaia
Storia Notturna is a collective exhibition curated by Simone Frangi and Denis Isaia, conceived in the context of XL 's live programming as a new episode of exhibitions promoted by Centrale Fies about the countless relationships between objects - whether physical, immaterial or virtual - and the possibility to activate them. The project, on display from 17 July to 8 August at Centrale Fies, brings together a group of international artists who have been able to intensify the mutual relationship between objectivity and performance. 

Storia Notturna acquires its title from the historical-philosophical work of Carlo Ginsburg devoted to the analysis of sabbah, witchcraft and practices of care and material transformation which, inscribed in a "twilight" threshold, nocturnal or dark, have influenced ways of inhabiting the world "beyond rationality", taking on deep social and political meanings in the alternative history of the West.

The artists of exhibition are: Mercedes Azpilicueta, Chiara Camoni, Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, Francesco Fonassi, Luca Frei, Raffaela Naldi Rossano, Anna Perach.

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