Centrale Fies stands against violence and war as political tools and stands unapologetically with Palestinian people. 

We condemn the current exponential acceleration of violence towards Palestinian people as well as the inhuman 75 years colonial occupation and racial apartheid of the Palestinian territories and bodies. 

We also unreservedly condemn all war crimes against the civilian populations on both sides.

We observe the deafening institutional silence around this dreadful genocide that surrounds the art context in Italy. A genocide perpetrated by the Israeli State towards an entire civil society and explicitly targeting the most vulnerable lives. 

We acknowledge that we can no longer shy away from our responsibilities as a non-profit cultural center devoted to supporting critical voices from different geographies and experiences, including the Palestinian one, who fight against abuses of power and human right violations.

Our silence would be in complicity with the erasure of a programmatic ethnic cleansing that is ongoing for too many decades.

We are aware of the fact that decolonization it’s not just a buzzword aimed at decorating artistic programming. We will insist on giving support to Palestinian artists and cultural producers through listening, programming, funding, supporting mobility and the creation of safe spaces for discussion.

Our support and grief goes to all the Palestinian lives who have been oppressed and keep falling under the settler regime. And to all the Israeli civilians who are sacrificed for colonial gains by a blind political power and its propaganda state.

We urge our colleagues and other institutions to stop being indifferent and show solidarity to Palestine, a people that the Israeli State, with the complicity of several European powers, has been attempting to erase from history for almost a century. 

Centrale Fies demands a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the release of all hostages. Now.